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MSc and ERASMUS Opportunities

iC3 offers a friendly and supportive working environment to early career researchers and masters students who are passionate about polar science

We welcome smart, committed and hard-working students who want to come and do part or all of their masters degree with us here in the Arctic.

There are three ways you can join us:

1. Full MSc Programme

Students from around the world are welcome to apply to UiT The Arctic University of Norway to do their masters studies. The university excels at both teaching and research. Living in the Arctic, on an island surrounded by fjords and mountains, you will be able to gain extensive fieldwork experience. Apart from being fun, this experience will later help you to move on to an interesting career in scientific research, the private sector or government work. Tuition fees are only 60 Euros per semester for European students, and 21,600 Euros per year for international students. The Master in Geosciences program starts every autumn semester. Application deadlines: 15 April for Nordic students, 01 March for European students, and 15 November (preceding year) for international students. Please email for more information.

2. ERASMUS Programme

Our host university is part of the European ERASMUS programme. If you are nominated from your home university, please check UiT’s admissions page. If you have further questions, please email

3. For Current UiT Students

If you are currently doing a masters degree at UiT, you can apply to do your masters dissertation project with the iC3 team.  We offer a friendly and supportive work environment for hard-working students who are passionate about polar research. To apply for one of these opportunities, please see the study catalogue and check out the list of available iC3 masters projects.

Few places around the world can match the proximity to nature while providing a high academic standard. This attracts the kind of people who wake up extra early in the morning to get out to the mountains, skiing or hiking, before work!

Teitur Hinrichsen (Masters student affiliated to iC3)

Photo by Teitur Hinrichsen

iC3 Field School in the Lyngen Alps: Biogeochemical cycling from ice to ocean

Participants in the iC3 field course will live and work next to Steindalsbreen glacier in the Lyngen Alps near Tromsø. The course will cover the entire ice to ocean transect, with terrestrial and marine-based fieldwork in the glacial forefield, along the valley and in the fjord.

The next course “Ice to ocean biogeochemical cycling in a changing Arctic” will take place from 5-13 September 2024. This is only open to PhD students within iC3, but we plan to open the 2025 course to a wider range of participants.

Early Career Scientists

Postdoctoral Fellowships

iC3 offers a friendly and supportive working environment to early career researchers who are passionate about polar science.

iC3 Research Opportunities

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iC3: Centre for ice, Cryosphere, Carbon and Climate is funded by the Research Council of Norway through its Centres of Excellence funding scheme, grant number 332635.

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