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Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

iC3 offers a friendly and supportive working environment to early career researchers and masters students who are passionate about polar science

We are currently inviting candidates to apply for two fully funded postdoctoral positions. Please click the links below for more information.

Postdoc #1: Antarctic ice, nutrients & diatoms

Postdoc #2: Polar ice, fluid dynamics & carbon

We also welcome enquiries from researchers who want to apply for Marie Curie postgraduate fellowships (MCSA) with us. Last year, our MSCA funding success rate was 100%. We provide strong support to candidates to assist them in writing winning research proposals. More information here.

We actively help our postdoctoral fellows to gain new skills, secure grant funding, get their research published, and build their professional networks.

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UiT The Arctic University of Norway is the world’s top research university in terms of Arctic science publications, providing unrivalled opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. We are a multidisciplinary research centre, and our work spans a broad range of scientific fields including biology, chemistry, geography, geology, applied mathematics (modelling), physics, and climate science.

As a postdoc at UiT there is access to one of the greatest polar research networks globally. The infrastructure that is well established here has enabled wider research opportunities, collaborations and access to facilities. As an early career scientist, this has been a fantastic move for my academic career following my PhD.

Sarah Tingey (Current Post Doc within Geosciences and affiliated to iC3)

Photo by Till Bruckner

Early Career Scientists

Postdoctoral Fellowships

iC3 offers a friendly and supportive working environment to early career researchers who are passionate about polar science.

iC3 Research Opportunities

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Dr Terri Souster

iC3 Centre Manager

Till Bruckner

Communications Advisor

iC3: Centre for ice, Cryosphere, Carbon and Climate is funded by the Research Council of Norway through its Centres of Excellence funding scheme, grant number 332635.

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