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With nearly 3,000 scientific papers, iC3’s host university tops global ranking for Arctic research

December 12th, 2023

iC3 is based at the top university worldwide in terms of Arctic research output, a new ranking shows. Over a seven-year period, researchers at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø published 2,956 articles related to the Arctic in scientific journals, an average of more than one publication per day.

The university’s reputation as a polar research nexus is set to grow further as the new iC3 centre picks up pace. iC3 is currently recruiting five PhD students to join its rapidly growing team. The centre will announce several postdoctoral research positions in spring 2024, and is preparing to host a large number of postdoctoral Marie Curie (MSCA) fellows in the coming years.

“Our ambition is to be an international leader in knowledge and expertise in, about and for the Arctic,” said Jan-Gunnar Winther, vice-chancellor for research and development at UiT the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø.

“We’re delighted that this report recognises our university as the leading global hub for cutting-edge Arctic research,” said Jemma Wadham, director of the new iC3 centre. “Arctic researchers at other institutions have to fly to international conferences to meet other scientists working in their field. Here in Tromsø, we only have to walk across the corridor to strike up new interdisciplinary collaborations. Our team benefits hugely from the ability to draw on the expertise and experience of so many outstanding Arctic scientists.”

Over the next ten years, iC3 will produce ground-breaking insights into how the links between ice sheets, carbon cycles and ocean ecosystems are impacting life on earth. iC3’s scientists have access to world-class facilities including Arctic and Antarctic research stations, ice-going research vessels and in-house laboratory and modelling capacity.

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Note: The global report “Arctic Research Trends: Bibliometrics 2016–2022” covered 140 institutions worldwide. It measured the number of Arctic publications by each institution between 2016 and 2022. iC3 topped the ranking with 2,956 publications during that time period (see page 45, Table A.1). While the Russian Academy of Sciences had an even higher overall publication volume, the Russian Academy is a network of many research institutes from across Russia rather than a single institution.

Department for Geosciences UiT The Arctic University of Norway Dramsvegen 201 9014, Tromsø Norway

Dr Terri Souster

iC3 Centre Manager

Till Bruckner

Communications Advisor

iC3: Centre for ice, Cryosphere, Carbon and Climate is funded by the Research Council of Norway through its Centres of Excellence funding scheme, grant number 332635.

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